Hey, I'm Matt

And I am a senior software engineer currently living and working in Manchester, UK. I currently work at Couchbase - a NoSQL database - on backup and restore. I have been there since January 2022 and have also worked on the backend of their cloud product. Before moving to Manchester I worked in Cambridge on video conferencing.

Outside of work I code for fun, mainly in Zig, a low-level language aimed at a similar space to C. I've dabbled in a number of different languages and technologies including Rust, Python, C#, Typescript and more. My main passion is for systems style programming but I have also worked on apps and single page web applications. I publish most of my side projects on Github.

Outside of work I like to go on hikes and cycle. The picture on the right was taken in the Peak District. I also play the drums. When I was younger I played in a couple of cover bands but nowadays I just do it for fun.

Find me on GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn and email