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Software I Love: Gerrit

I explain why I love the review tool Gerrit & how more popular tools don't come close


Why Zig Clicks

I explain why Zig seems to click for me and makes me excited to do some personal projects again


Writing My Final Year Project in Rust

For my last year of univeristy I had to write a project. I decided to do it in Rust


Creating Models of F1 Tracks in Rust - Part 2

We turn a series of points from OSM into a 3d model


Creating Models of F1 Tracks in Rust - Part 1

We start off by loading an open street map xml file into Rust


Merging Multiple Migrations into One Statement

Merge multiple migrations into one statement using the Lens library in Haskell


Breaking Ciphers in Haskell

Breaking a simple cipher by looking at the patterns of words